Freitag, 16. März 2012

New Project : Tower Tapper

Our hero in Tower Tapper is a little snail called Snailie. Snailie has a big dream: He wants to get away from the smoky townground and climb the highest tower to watch the clear and beautiful skyline at sunset.

Snailie is determined of his dream and wants it to become reality. The big problem is, there will be a looooooong distance to conquer. On top of that, there are plenty of enemies and obstacles who will get in his way.
Can you help snailie to reach the top of the tower and fullfill his dream?

Genre / Category
Tower Tapper is a variation of Jump´n´Run / Platformer mix. Instead of Jump and Run you gonna crawl and hop.

Snailie is contantly crawling upwards the tower, by tapping on the screen he will hop from one tower side to the other(Picture below).

Tower Tapper Control

This will help him to reach the tower roof faster.
Hop to avoid obstacles and enemies. If the enemies annoy you, just flat them!

Short Feature List:

-Random generated Levels (each time you play, the level is different from before)

-Innovative and easy gameplay

- Many possibilities to upgrade Snailie in the integrated store

-Unique Style

-Game Center integration

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